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Preference Center in Marketing Cloud

Main goal of Marketing Cloud When it comes to the aim of Marketing Cloud implementation, customers expect to have Campaign Management, Consent Management, or at least Unsubscribe Management covered. Today, within the task we will focus on Subscription Management. This means we should know our data model (previous article click),

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Data model in Marketing Cloud

Data Model in Marketing Cloud There are two ways to store data inside Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can use lists (treat them as excel sheets with columns and rows) or Data Extensions (treat them as tables with relations, which you can build - read more about the relational model

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Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud in Customer's eyes In a few words, Marketing Cloud is a platform, which gives you the opportunity to: Send customers the right message at the right moment using intelligent marketing automation. It means that this platform is extremely advanced and powerful when it comes to your Customer

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